Friday, March 10, 2017

Getting Around the Law

Most politicians know they can't just BAN guns, so they do everything they can short of it to make life harder for those who want to buy, sell, or carry their guns for self defense. Their "gun safes," "trigger locks," and "gun-free zones" are ways to that end. They're talking now about making it almost impossible to buy ammunition, without which guns are useless. In Connecticut, the governor wants to raise fees for "carry permits" to unaffordable levels so only the richest of folks can afford it. Or the "security" those people can afford to buy. Governor Malloy wants to cover up his incompetent budget management on the backs of those who want to "carry" by raising the fee from the current $70 (plus an added state fee of another $70 total $140.00), to a total of $300.00, with a $300 renewal fee every five years. Buying a gun is expensive enough, without "carry fees" that rival the cost of the gun, itself. (NRA-ILA)

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