Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Watching the Same Speech?

I find it hard to believe the Democrats and Trump supporters heard the same speech as Trump laid out his plans for at least the next four years. His supporters said it was a triumph, and the best speech of its kind they had ever heard. Democrats saw something entirely different. Nancy Peelosi said it was a “bait and switch” speech. Other Democrats said it was a “disjointed” speech and meant nothing. Which is it? I know, It was an excellent speech. Why? Because you can always depend on the Democrats to disparage ANYTHING Trump says. If he said, “The sky is blue,” they'd say it's green, and Trump was trying to fool us. These fools haven't a clue as to how they're alienating America, even their former staunchest supporters—except for the “dyed-in-the-wool true believers.” They're becoming a laughingstock. Good material for “Saturday Night Live.” Except I know they'd never use it. (Just common sense)

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