Friday, March 31, 2017

Ashley Judd Is Insane!

She says that women in the Middle East have more rights than women in America! Where the hell she ever learned that is a complete mystery to me, and to every other intelligent human being. It is common knowledge that, in the Middle east, women are treated as CHATTEL. Owned by their fathers and later by their husbands. They are forced to wear a hijab or burka and ANY man may beat them on the street if they show only so much as a bare ankle. If they get raped (and they're more apt to get raped in a Muslim culture than anywhere else), they just shut up about it, because they're more likely to be charged with a crime (sex outside marriage) than the rapist. In order to prove rape, a woman has to have the testimony of FOUR MEN who witnessed the rape—something that would be impossible to get (if four Muslim men witnessed a rape, they'd probably join in). She cannot even go out of her domecile without being accompanied by a male member of her family. If she just stands too close to her boyfriend, she can be punished. And if she even LOOKS at the wrong guy, she can be KILLED by her own father or her brothers—and they will not be punished. I don't know what Ashley is smoking, but it must be some strong sh-t. This has to be one of the stupidest women on Earth! I say "one of" because I could name some others just as stupid. (Right Wing News)

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