Friday, March 17, 2017

Gun-Grabber Fake News

This story was run in the Knoxville Sun-Sentinel and asserts that "constitutional carry" is dangerous. This is the usual gun-grabber lie, and they not only bought it, they're carrying it on further by spewing it in their pages, without ANY stats to back it up. This IGNORES the millions of ILLEGAL guns already on the streets, many of which are in the hands of gang members, who are mostly too young to have a gun, but get them easily, ILLEGALLY, anyway. It also ignores the adult criminals who not only break the law in buying their guns, they break the law, period. then there are the thousands of Islamic terrorists pouring into this country every day. People who have PROMISED to kill as many of us who will not convert to their phony "religion as they can. That's what they DO! And allowing honest, law-abiding citizens to carry guns for self defense is NOT DANGEROUS to anybody but illegally armed CRIMINALS why try to victimize them. Gun-haters just will never understand that law-abiding people will NOT "go wild" if they have a gun in their pocket and kill somebody over a fender bender or a real or imagined slight (as gang members do on a regular basis with their illegal guns). Or they just REFUSE to understand it because it doesn't fit their preconceived notions. (Ammoland)

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