Friday, March 24, 2017

"What Isn't, IS!"

“And what is, ISN'T!” That seems to be what liberals want us to think, and are determined to convince us, whether we like it or not. Take their insistence that “The rich stole all their money from the poor.” How is it possible to steal what ISN'T THERE? If the poor are so poor, what can “the rich” steal? And if the “rich” have to steal their riches from the poor, are they really rich? Then there's the word I heard just the other day that “some women have penises.” (If they have a penis, they're MEN) And that “men can menstruate". (Menstruation requires a certain kind of “plumbing,” therefore, a vagina and associated organs are required) ” Then they tell us that “most Muslims are peaceful” while Muslims, all over the world are raping and murdering innocent people. They completely IGNORE the fact that Muslim terrorists are “pouring” into this country by the thousands, and soon will be killing more and more people in America, while liberals continue to tell us most Muslims are peaceful. (Just common sense)

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