Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's gonna Keep Happening

Conservatives should not get discouraged at the large number of attempts being made to discredit, even remove Trump from office that seem to come out every time he moves. And sometimes when he doesn't. It's all part of the Democrat scheme to inhibit Trump's administration as much as they can, for as long as they can. They come up with spurious reasons incessantly, to hold up his appointments to his Cabinet, and their opposition to his appointment of a Supreme Court nominee will take on epic proportions; both the current one, and the next--especially the next, because it will change the makeup of the Court for generations to come. And it will continue as long as Trump, and following him, Pence, is in the Oval Office. Count on it. Get USED to it. They'll keep it up forever, if necessary, and it won't hurt Trump a bit. He will "steamroller" over them, as he has done since he announced his candidacy. They SAY he has done NOTHING in his first month, while he has done MUCH. They say his White House is "in shambles," but can't point out a REAL way it is. He can deal with it, and he will. (Just common sense)

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