Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Going After the Family

Bill Clinton jealously guarded Chelsea's privacy during his presidency, vilifying anybody who tried so much as to publish a PICTURE of her. Until it became politically expedient to use her. Obama did the same for his two daughters. But now that Trump is in office, HIS family is "fair game" to Democrats, who even attacked Trump's ten-year-old CHILD! Then they sponsored a boycott of Ivanka's clothing line, and when Kellyanne tried to kill it, they tried to kill HER (figuratively)! They're going after his son-in -law, and, I'm sure will soon be going after his GRANDMOTHER. Nobody in his family is safe from being "run down" by Democrats. Nobody practices more sickening politics than Democrats. Yet, if Republicans did the same things, they'd have KITTENS! It's too bad we have to allow Democrats into the political process, at all, as sickeningly STUPID as are their antics, like BUYING riots and such to make it LOOK like a majority is with them, which it is NOT. (Patriot Tribune)

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