Monday, March 6, 2017

Phony Climate "Science"

If I needed any more evidence that global warming (renamed "climate change" because global warming just wasn't happening) was a massive swindle, it would be provided by the recent revelation that NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmosphere Administration) falsified climate science to show a "warming trend," when, in actuality, we are in an almost 20 year COOLING trend. They threw out REAL facts and substituted "computer model" figures, putting them out as fact. Even more proof is that, before that, Obama ORDERED NASA to falsify their true climate figures to support the swindle AlGore began and is still pushing, making billions from it. Global warming, under whatever name they want to use, is a SWINDLE, and Obama's government took it up, so they could charge us more in taxes "to fight global warming," and make more "rules" to better control us. AlGore is happy, It can only put more bucks in his pocket. (Natural News)

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