Wednesday, March 8, 2017

100% Abortion Mill!

I believe that Planned Parenthood is a 100% abortion mill. The argument is that if we defund Planned Parenthood, women will lose all the other services it provides. I don't believe that, for a minute! Somebody should provide me with a list of all the “other services” they perform, along with proof that they actually perform them. Word is that they are only 85% an abortion mill, and perform many other services toward women's health. That's sexist! Where is a MEN'S organization LIKE Planned Parenthood? But I digress. 15% “other services” aside, I'm against them because they DO abortions, not because of how many, or how few they do. Abortion KILLS an innocent baby! It's infanticide! And if it's done for the “convenience” of the parents who don't want to bother to raise the result of their unprotected sex. It's MURDER! And I am adamantly AGAINST murder--of anybody, for any reason. But particularly defenseless infants, still in the womb. The people who perform them are gutless cowards! (Just common sense)

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