Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Not Any More!

Sen. Diane Feinstein made a stupid statement, the other day. She said, “There is a real danger, I believe, that the Justice Department has become politicized.” Not any more, Di! Where were you when Eric Holder refused to prosecute ANY black people because “they're MY people”? Meanwhile, Obama played golf. Or when acting AG Sandra Yates said she would NOT enforce ANY Trump law? (She was fired for that and I think she should go to prison) How about when they used “Operation Choke Point” to target certain businesses because they didn't “toe the federal line?” There are many more examples, but I don't have enough room here, nor the time to list them all. Maybe Di is “concerned” that the Trump administration will actually ENFORCE the law, and that will be bad for Democrats. I guarantee you Trump is going to get rid of as many Obama operatives that are left in his bureaucracy, just as soon as they reveal themselves, as Sally did. (Minuteman News)

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