Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kaepernick: Unemployed Loser

Colin Kaepernick infamously refused to stand up while the National Anthem was played before his games. He thought that would have no effect upon his career. He was joined by several other players who have heard, and bought the crap put out by the liberal media, and was demonstrating” against a country he THOUGHT was nasty, allowed to do so by that very country, which is probably the only one in which he could get away with it. If he did that is, say, N. Korea, he'd be instantly killed, maybe personally by that pot-bellied, pint-sized, fat dictator who so loves himself he likes to applaud himself. Now he is no longer a highly paid quarterback. He is an unemployed loser who says now, too late, that he will stand in the future. (DC Clothesline)

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