Friday, March 31, 2017

"Domestic Terrorism"

Forget Islamic terrorism. We have plenty of “homegrown terrorism” right here to contend with. The liberal media calls it, “The Republican effort to criminalize demonstrations.” Never mind they write nasty things on buildings next to GOP headquarters, throw Molotov cocktails into others, and damage lots of private property, burn cars, and break windows anywhere they happen to be. Never mind their violence is increasing, every day. It's only “a Republican EFFORT to criminalize them.” Funny; it seems very real, to me. Yes, Islamic terrorism IS a real threat. But DOMESTIC terrorism is, too. And they're closer, and well funded by the Democrats and George Soros. They blame Trump for it, of course. He has supplanted George Bush as their “whipping boy.” Mostly because he is in the process of destroying all their damned fool works. They hate him with a passion I haven't seen before, because of that. (The Intercept)

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