Wednesday, March 22, 2017

IS It Terrorism?

What's going on in London, even as I write this, is described as “terrorism,” although they have so far studiously avoided the word “ISLAMIC” in their description. Probably because nobody ran around shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while killing people. But it is certainly SOME kind of terrorism. I, like the British, will not “jump the shark” and call it “Islamic terrorism” until intelligence proves it, even though I don't know who else harbors enough hate to do such a thing. So far, at least four people are dead, including at least one police officer. I'd bet the cop who died is the one who confronted the knife-wielder and got stabbed. Word is this cop was unarmed, and he shouldn't have been. ALL cops should be armed, because they are opposed by CROOKS who are armed, not being disarmed by liberal fools, as are many cops in Britain and some other countries. Please know that this is still unfolding, and by the time this is posted, many things may have changed. Many stories published right now talk about 2 people being killed. Others say 4. There may be more. There are, at this time, 20 injured, some critically. Update: ISIS is now taking credit for the London attack. They say it's revenge for Mosul. Apparently they think we should never do any return attacks. (Time)

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