Friday, March 10, 2017

"Just Because He Smiled"

He MUST be “in cahoots” with the Russians, because he just smiled when asked about it. That's what MSNBC's Chris Mathews thinks, anyway. Even though it's an ABSURD idea that the Russians WOULD meddle with our elections to benefit Trump, they continue to insist on it, using ANYTHING they can to “prove” it. Hillary OR Bernie would be a LOT better for their purposes, because both are socialists, and Trump is NOT, at least, to my knowledge. Their whole idea lacks logic, but then, liberals think there IS no such thing as logic. But to impute collaboration with the Russians based on a SMILE, reveals their desperation. Liberals (Democrats) are desperately searching for something, ANYTHING, to use against Trump, and they aren't finding anything important. So they take what they can get, even if it is absurd. And this is as absurd as it gets. (News Busters)

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