Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Big Miscalculation

Democrats assumed the female vote was theirs, just as they assumed other things in the 2016 election. I'm not saying miscalculating the female vote “did them in,” but it certainly helped. More and more women arming themselves and getting training that lets them be the equal to men in handing guns. Democrats assumed the female vote was “a done thing,” and it wasn't. As they gained knowledge in the use and handling of guns, which gave them a lot more confidence in their ability to defend themselves without depending on the men in their lives, they moved consistently AWAY from the Democrat Party, which is pretty much dedicated to taking away our constitutional right to self defense, and to own and carry a gun. Democrats miscalculated many things, and continue to do so. Which is why they will continue to lose to people like Donald Trump, and those who support his programs. They continue to think somebody cheated, and stole the election. That way, they don't have to change their playbook and admit they beat themselves. (Washington Examiner)

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