Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hypocrite Personified

Leland Yee, one of the most virulent anti-gun voices in the California legislature, has been CONVICTED, of what? Gun trafficking! I guess he figured that the more legal guns he could dispense with, the more ILLEGAL guns he could sell. That this is “hypocrite personified” goes without saying, and brings into question the motives of other anti-gun fools. In pleading for mercy, Yee said this: “In the 67 years of my life, I have devoted much of it to the work of the community, to people here in San Francisco and in the state of California.” But of course, that raises the question, what was he doing “on the side” all those years to benefit the illicit gun industry? He also said that he had hurt his family and his supporters, and that would “weigh on me the rest of my life.” Yeah, riiiight! He's just sorry he got caught. (Washington Post)

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