Monday, March 13, 2017

Blaming the Victims

Of course. Memphis Police Director Michael Rawlings blames a new law in Tennessee for the rise in crime, because it allows people to carry their gins and store them in their cars, even without a permit to do so. But guns were being stolen way before this. He cites the 851 guns taken from cars (out of 2,000 total stolen, as opposed to 348 stolen from cars in 2013 [he didn't say how many were stolen elsewhere in that period], before the law was passed). His theory was proven false by the fact that MORE guns were stolen from other places. Guns WILL be stolen, no matter where they're stored. Yes, a few more were stolen from cars after the law was passed, but the number is still smaller than the TOTAL of guns stolen, and that is NOT due to the law. But then, anti-gun fools will always twist ANY stats they can to make pro-gun legislation look bad. And this "police politician" is no different. (WREG)

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