Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Anti-Gun Insanity

At a Spokane, Washington hockey game between two different law-enforcement organizations, the county sheriff came to watch. But he was denied entrance until he disarmed himself. The SHERIFF of the county! The top law enforcement officer of the county! What insanity is this? What if a criminal had brought his gun in ILLEGALLY, and decided to kill a few people? What would this sheriff be able to do? Watch in horror as his fellow citizens were killed by this criminal, who doesn't obey laws? This is how the INSANITY of the anti-gun fools works. They never think about the unintended consequences of their silly actions. They just do it, and to hell with those who die because of it. These people get others KILLED, but they don't care, as long as they can disarm everybody and make them defenseless against ILLEGALLY armed criminals. (Ricochet)

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