Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Deadly Duo

The anti-gun fools are worried. The appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General signals a "new world" for them, and they don't like it. Couple that with the NRA, which is already a "thorn in their sides," and you have a "deadly duo" against their idea of gun control. Sessions knows the Constitution guarantees us the right to be armed in self defense, and he will do everything he can to stop their unconstitutional actions, in concert with the NRA, which has been working alone to do that, in the past, and is now JOINED by powerful assistance. They KNOW their efforts violate one of the most BASIC amendments, and they further know Sessions is not going to let them get away with the things they got used to getting away with under Obama and, before that, Bill Clinton. Bush (the younger) wasn't overly concerned with gun rights, on either side. The next 4 (or maybe 8) years are going to be hard ones for them. (AWR HAWKINS)

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