Thursday, March 9, 2017

In Six More States

It's a trend, folks! Six more states are in the process of considering permitless concealed carry. apparently, some politicians are realizing that this is the way to reduce gun violence, by eliminating the ILLEGAL gun owners who prey on UNARMED citizens. The six states are Alabama, New Hampshire, Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas. Indiana is where I was born, so I appreciate that. What will really surprise me is if Colorado, where I now live, ever does the same, with its liberal-dominated legislature and governorship. Twelve other states already have permitless carry. Adding these will make it 18. A big part of the country. The country is slowly getting smart, although the anti-gun fools are horrified and are dragging their feet mightily. They're always horrified when laws are made to let people defend themselves. (Breitbart)

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