Tuesday, March 7, 2017

They Still Have Judges

Over the years, the Democrats have appointed many judges in the federal courts, meaning they don't have to do much "judge shopping" to get the "rulings" they want when they can't win any other way. One would think a judge appointed by a Republican would be more intelligent than that. But not so with the judge that blocked Trump's executive order temporarily stopping the immigration of certain people until they can be properly vetted. I think this judge"s career on the bench should shortly be over. There are many ways to get rid of a "rogue judge," and I'd bet Trump knows them all, or soon will. Those judges are placed there as a "last resort" to get things done that they can't get done in the legislature, and by law. Judges are SUPPOSED TO rule according to the law. But somebody forgot to make a law allowing us to reverse them if they don't, except to send it to another court where there are probably more liberal judges to uphold their unlawful rulings. (Just common sense)

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