Monday, March 27, 2017

She Calls It Common Sense

And then she goes on to say that “Gun-free zones work. There is no evidence they don't.” Really? What about the fact that all but TWO mass shootings in the United States have occurred IN gun free zones? And what about all the criminals who have chosen to rob and KILL people in gun free zones, such as a Wal-Mart or a Target Stores parking lot? Maybe it is just that you choose to IGNORE such stories, so you can maintain your anti-gun narrative. Courtney Stewart, the writer of this article only graduated high school in 2003, and is obviously too young to know ANYTHING. She hasn't been on this world long enough to know anything. Yet she pretends to “school” others on things she obviously knows nothing about. Gun-free zones ARE “magnets” for bad guys who want to do us damage. The evidence IS there, even if she chooses not to see it. It's as obvious as the nose on her face, but she probably can't see that, either. (Citrus County Chronicle)

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