Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Judges Have One Job

To support the law. To rule ACCORDING to the law, as written. That's as written in legislation, OR in the Constitution. That's ALL. They don't get to inject their own personal prejudices into their rulings, nor can they rule, guided by foreign law, or the unbridled utterances of a presidential candidate at a rally. They must be guided by OUR law, or the Constitution. Judge Gorsuch is a “rare breed.” He knows that, and that's how he rules, in every case, even if he personally, does not agree. The Constitution is NOT “a fluid document.” It is NOT “subject to change, according to current situations.” Some legislators (mostly Democrats, but a few RINOS, too) think otherwise. But they don't have the RIGHT to say otherwise, especially in their legislation. Gorsuch should be certified as a member of the Supreme Court, not because he sometimes rules for conservatives, but because he rules EXCLUSIVELY according to the law or the Constitution. (Just common sense)

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