Monday, March 6, 2017

Increasing Gun Crime

That's what ALL the "gun laws" do, so far. But the anti-gun fools won't believe it when we tall them. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. Gun safes, Safe gun storage laws, gun-free zones, even background checks only affect LEGAL gun owners, who don't commit most of the gun crimes. Those are committed mostly by ILLEGAL gun owners, who IGNORE such laws and rules. As an example, ALL (but 2) mass shootings have happened IN "gun-free zones." Would-be mass shooters SEEK OUT gun-free zones because they can be pretty sure legal gun owners, who OBEY laws, won't be armed, there. And they don't put their guns in gun safes at home, or practice "safe gun storage." They don't care. And there is NO WAY to get illegal gun owners to sit for a background check. Gun laws, as made today, are fruitless. They're USELESS to reduce gun crime, instead INCREASING it by disarming law-abiding people and making them DEFENSELESS against illegal gun owners, who obey NO laws. We tell them the answer, which is more law-abiding people with their own guns, being allowed to carry them everywhere. But they won't hear of it, and they're in places where they can get those useless laws passed. (Just common sense)

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