Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One Sentence Repeal Act

There are a few intelligent politicians left in DC, I guess. But the ones who wrote Trump's bill apparently aren't on that list. Their bill retained some of the worst things in Obamacare, to be passed under a new name. This was supposed to fool the world into thinking Obamacare was “gone,” but, as some politicians said, it was “Obamacare lite.” Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) introduced a ONE-SENTENCE bill to repeal Obamacare, and all changes mandated within. and easily understood, even by other members of Congress (and might even be READ by them). Replacing those eliminated parts that represent a “replacement” of Obamacare (if it's really necessary) can be done piecemeal, with similar one-sentence bills, immediately, or later. as needed. A huge, multi-thousand page bill that cannot be understood, even by those writing it, is not a requirement. (The Blaze)

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