Monday, April 3, 2017

Why Women Buy Guns

One of the largest groups buying guns now are women. One reason is that some men like to rape them (especially today, Islamic “refugees” who pretend not to be terrorists), and without something like a gun to protect themselves, they're defenseless. As more and more Islamic terrorists pretending to be harmless people fleeing the terrorists, the rape figures predictably rise, as they have in Europe, where they welcome them with “open arms.” Another group that CAN'T have their own guns are young boys. It is a “cultural thing” to Muslims to rape little boys, and even chain them to their beds to be raped again, later. That was proven in Iraq when an Iraqi COP was found to have a small boy chained to his bed and was raping him regularly. When found and punished, the locals objected, saying raping little boys was “a cultural thing,” and nothing should be done about it. There are many “bad dudes” in this world, and women want to be able to defend themselves against them. So more and more of them are getting guns,—and rightfully so. (Bearing Arms)

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