Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Savaging Gorsuch

For his careful examination before ruling. He was called, in 2014, to rule on a case where a man was given a “deferred judgment” and successfully completed the requisite time passage without incident, and the conviction was expunged. Not, however, to bureaucrats. He served with distinction in the Navy, and was a gun instructor. He had several guns in his home (because he didn't know he was still considered a felon in their eyes) when the cops raided it, and he was charged with being “a felon with a gun,” when he actually was NOT. That conviction had been reversed, but they kept it on the books for banning his ability to own guns purposes. Gorsuch ruled in his favor, and anti-gun fools hate him for it. They've been searching diligently for something, ANYTHING to keep him from the Supreme Court, and this is what they came up with. But, far from making him ineligible to serve, it CEMENTS his eligibility, at least to intelligent people. (The Hill)

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