Friday, April 14, 2017

Liberals are Outraged!

They're always outraged when we actually DO something concrete. After 8 years of :”playing at” being at war in Afghanistan, Trump is REALLY fighting it, using the MAXIMUM of what we have, outside of nuclear arms. Obama imposed some of the most ABSURD “rules of warfare” possible so he could tell the world he was fighting the Islamic terrorists, while not really doing so. Trump means business. He means business in everything he does, and that includes whatever wars we are in, and the ones we BECOME entangled in because of the LACK of a coherent foreign policy on the part of Barack Obama. In dropping the MOAB bomb (The “Mother Of All Bombs”) on a terrorist tunnel network in Afghanistan, he destroyed their ability to move about unseen, “popping up” unexpectedly where we least expected them, like a “Whack-A-Mole” game. Something that will save many lives And, although it has not been “announced,” I'm sure he has rescinded those silly “rules of warfare” that handcuffed our troops for so many years, and got so many of our troops killed. (Just common sense)

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