Thursday, April 13, 2017

Doctor "In Drag"

There are a couple of questions raised in the case of a medical doctor being assaulted and dragged off an airplane because United Airlines wanted his seat. This is after he had paid a stiff price for the seat, and was actually seated on the airplane. Yes, the “contract” represented by his very purchase of the ticket, whether or not he wished to agree to it said they could “bump him” at will. But it does NOT say they can assault him, injure him, and send him to the hospital by forcibly DRAGGING him off the airplane. Somebody screwed up royally, and I think it was that cop, who merely got mad at the man for refusing to “follow his orders.” Orders which he had no authority to issue. They had the option to go to the other passengers to get permission to pay them to vacate their seats, but they didn't bother. They just beat this doctor up and dragged him off the plane. The CEO of United apologized, and was, himself, appalled by the action. But I maintain that the very POLICY that brought this on was wrong. I'm sure it will be changed, but probably not enough. This whole thing is going to cost United millions, and that's a good thing. It will send a message that they can't treat people in this manner. A lesson to their own, and all other airlines to cease and desist in this policy, the way it is being practiced. People cannot be treated like cattle, beaten up, and dragged down an aisle and out of a place. Period. (CBS)

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