Tuesday, April 18, 2017

N. Korea's False Image

Kim Jung Un, N. Korea's pudgy, ugly little dictator, paraded a BUNCH of soldiers and phony-looking “hardware” in a parade celebrating the birthday of Kim Il Sung, the “founder” of the current regime. It featured a thousand soldiers, and looked very impressive, although we have 8 times as many troops, just in Afghanistan, which is a very low number after Obama told most of the 50,000 troops we had there to “cut and run,” like he did in Iraq. And I think most of the “hardware” he exhibited were just EMPTY SHELLS, containing nothing. Paraded just for show. ONE of our MOAB bombs would take out more than HALF of his army if we targeted his parade. Kim likes to talk big, but I think he seriously underestimates the United States as his enemy. Which will mean his END, if he keeps on the way he has been going. It's like the old simile of a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind.. I'm sure we know where he is, at all times. It wouldn't be too hard. We wouldn't even need a nuclear bomb to deal with him. Just send a MOAB and target the place where he is currently applauding himself while basking in the glory of being their “dear leader.” Something he retains by killing his relatives and anyone else he perceives as a threat to his tyranny. (Bloomberg)

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