Monday, April 3, 2017

Why Not Gorsuch?

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has signaled that “based on his record and his testimony in the Congress, I “can't vote for his confirmation.” And why is that, so you suppose? Because he will rule based on the law and the Constitution, that's why. And liberals like Feinstein can't have that. They want a justice that will rule THEIR way, regardless of what is in the law or the Constitution. So now Republicans are going to have to impose “the nuclear option” that DEMOCRATS put in place, hoping to get their own candidate approved to replace Justice Scalia (who was probably MURDERED to get another liberal on the Court). They will force them to do that so they can forever say Gorsuch is a “bad candidate,” and thus will be a bad appointment, since he “couldn't get the required 60 votes,” and they had to use the nuclear option to get him confirmed. What remains unsaid is that the only reason he couldn't get 60 votes is because the DEMOCRATS were dead set against ANY candidate Trump appointed, no matter what his qualifications. They suggest “we get together and come up with "mainstream" appointment” (translation: an appointment DICTATED by them). They KNOW Gorsuch will be confirmed. They're forcing this JUST so they can say that, forever. (Just common sense)

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