Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CNN "Tripping Out"

They reported that Sean Hannity pointed a gun as liberal Fox News contributor Juan Williams after another political argument. That he even turned on the laser sight, putting a red dot on Williams. The story was completely false. Hannity SHOWED Williams an UNLOADED gun, and no laser sight was ever turned on. It was NOT the result of an argument. Hannity was simply SHOWING Williams the gun to emphasize a point. All safety conditions were recognized, and Williams himself disputes the veracity of the story. “At no time did I feel threatened, and I and Sean remain good friends.” CNN seems to be in the throes of beginning a mental breakdown, their “fake news” becoming more and more evident and silly. This article suggests they accept the offer of a tabloid publisher, since they're DIRECT competitors in the same market. (Breitbart)

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