Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Screwed Up Again

Heads are going to roll at the Secret Service. Twice recently, a “fence jumper” has been found to be running around on the White House grounds for from fifteen to twenty minutes. The most recent one was even able to “rattle the knob” on a door, trying to get inside. When he wandered his way to the West Portico area, he was FINALLY spotted by a uniformed SS man, and he was apprehended. Of course, the SS responded with many men and women, blanketed the grounds, and found nothing. It's a good thing neither men were a serious threat, or somebody might have died. Soon, the man whose most famous saying was “You're fired”” will do his thing, and I don't know how many SS officers will survive his attack. Maybe Trump ought to get his own security people and take personal control of his security. (USA Today)

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