Friday, April 28, 2017

More Bloomberg Rejection

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, now the chief anti-gun fool in the country, has suffered many defeats to his extreme intentions. All of them lately in his anti-gun efforts. He should have stayed in New York, where he was a little more successful (running for an ILLEGAL third term, and winning). His latest defeat is in New Mexico, where they rejected his latest effort to get his gun control bills passed into law, making it harder for people to be able to buy guns (and thus be DEFENSELESS against all the ILLEGAL guns already out there). His proposed laws would have only taken guns away from law-abiding people, and would have done NOTHING to stop, or limit gun sales made ILLEGALLY. which is a feature of ALL the gun laws I've ever seen. He spent a quarter million dollars this time, which is “pocket change” for him. It was a half-hearted effort for him, maybe because he's getting “tired of losing,” and he knew he had NO chance in a state like New Mexico, which has a long history of being “gun friendly.” (NRA-ILA)

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