Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The "Muslim Ban" Fantasy

It amazes me how liberals keep on pushing their fantasies, even to the extent of pushing them on foreigners. The pipe dream that Trump was pushing a “Muslim ban” is one of those. It has been debunked, over and over, but they still insist on saying there IS a “Muslim ban, when there is NOT. Their ignorance is demonstrated yet again on “Good Morning Britain,” when Piers Morgan suggested that a gun ban would be a more important step to self defense than Trump's “Muslim ban.” It is that fiction that has already led to many deaths, through the disarmament of many Americans. But Australian immigrant Nick Adams set him straight on the importance of the Second Amendment to personal defense against Islamic terrorism, as well as domestic criminals and crazies. But Morgan will most likely go right on believing in the non-existent “Muslim ban.” (Bearing Arms)

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