Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Killing the Spiteful Lead Ban

On his last day in office, Obama signed an order banning the use of lead in bullets to “make life miserable for hunters.” They CLAIM it was to “save the lives of animals. But aren't bullets MEANT to kill? Seems like an unnecessary rule, meant only to throw a “last shot” at the new Trump administration ans make life harder for people who own and make guns. So Trump's new Interior Secretary (who rode to work on a horse) immediately reversed the ban and scotched Obama's plan , “nipping it in the bud.” It is said that this order was a last parting shot of a frustrated anti-gun fool to help make life more difficult for Trump, as well as hunters and fishermen (the ban extended to fishing lures). This action is just one in many that will be needed to reverse Obama's harmful “rules,” imposed WITHOUT being passed by Congress, that are not so obvious as this one, and must be “ferreted out” before reversing. But they will be found, and dispensed with. Count on it. (Bearing Arms)

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