Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Now They're After O'Reilly

CNN is “leading the charge” to “defund” Bill O'reilly. I guess now that a woman (or several women) have “come out of the woodwork to accuse him of sexual impropriety, they figure they can get rid of their “worst enemy,” The O'Reilly Factor.” Bill scares the hell out of them because he not only tells it like it IS, he does it to an audience that's bigger than theirs. It's a known factor that when one woman sees a possible payday by accusing an innocent man of sexual impropriety, others follow suit, for their own paydays. It's too bad that the only thing necessary to ruin a man's reputation is the unsupported word of one woman. This has been one of the most successful scams Democrats have ever been able to use against their enemies, since all it takes to ruin a man's reputation is the unsupported word of one woman, and it's easy to get other women to follow suit. If you look closer into the women making accusations against O'Reilly, you'll find all of them are Democrat operatives and are easy to convince to accuse O'Reilly, to get a big payday. It was just made worse by Fox's decision to pay off those women, I'm sure violently against O'Reilly's wishes. (NY Times)

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