Monday, April 17, 2017

Trudeau Supports MURDER!

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau says that, “Opposing abortion takes away women's futures.” Thereby supporting the systematic MURDER of millions of innocent, defenseless BABIES! Yes, it MAY “take away the future” of some women who want to have unprotected sex without the bother of raising the result of that sex. That's pure selfishness and EVIL to want to MURDER your offspring because you're too damned LAZY to bring it up. Those who have more than one abortion are SERIAL MURDERERS. I never thought I'd see the day when GOVERNMENTS would not only APPROVE of baby murder, but PROMOTE it, as Trudeau is doing. This is our holocaust. We all know it's happening, but we can't build enough opposition to stop this massacre of our future. What if Bill Gates' parents had had him aborted? How about Albert Einstein? There's no telling how many advances this civilization might have missed because a potential GENIUS was murdered in the womb. (LifeNews)

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