Friday, April 28, 2017

I'm Worried About Nancy

She's showing distinct symptoms of early onset Alzheimer's. In a recent 7 minute speech, she stumbled and mispronounced several simple words, and mispronounced the names of several countries. After her 7 minutes, she thanked them, then stood staring into space for a few seconds, before walking off stage. In an interview on another network, she called Trump “The Diverter In chief,” then proceeded to divert attention from her own failings by repeating, over and over, that Trump “had no jobs bill.” Of course, he doesn't NEED a “jobs bill.” He creates jobs by getting rid of unnecessary, jobs-killing regulations, and getting rid of laws that also kill jobs. Nancy better retire before her symptoms become so obvious they won't be able to cover them up, any more. (American Mirror)

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