Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rising Gun Thefts

From cars. “Gun free zones” pose TWO dangers to humans. First of all, the danger that they will be unarmed when a criminal, crazy, or Islamic terrorist comes in a place where he can be pretty sure law-abiding people will not be armed, to kill people. That's the first, and most obvious danger. The second is the rise in gun thefts from cars as people who carry guns go into places where guns are not allowed. They put their gun in the glove compartment and go in to do their business. A thief breaks into their car and steals the gun. Next week, he might bring that same gun into the same place, in front of which he stole it and do HIS business with the gun. That “gun-free zones” create a new opportunity for gun thieves again, is obvious. It is an unintended consequence of gun-free zones, along with all the people KILLED in gun-free zones by guns. Meanwhile, putting a gun safe in your car is an absurd suggestion. But look for anti-gun fools to make it. And DEMAND it. As soon as they realize what's going on. (“Shall Not Be Questioned”)

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