Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's Firin' Time

In Texas, a few Obama holdovers in the Border Patrol ordered a 40 mile stretch of the border to be unpatrolled. They actually DID it. And put it on paper! The way to take care of the attempted undermining of Trump is to GET RID OF those doing it. Some can't be easily found. This bunch is so brazen they actually put their contrary order on paper! I think they knew their time was coming to an end, and wanted to “go out with a bang.” Trump probably didn't have them specifically targeted, but I'd bet the farm he does, now. These fools are not long for this job. One anonymous Border Control agent said, “The drug cartels exploit out weaknesses, and they will certainly exploit this one.” Maybe that's the purpose of this order. The guy giving it may be in cahoots with the cartel, and WANT to create a weakness for them to exploit. (Liberty Headlines)

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