Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rogue Judges

The judges who blocked President Trump's travel ban didn't rule, based on the law or the statutes. They didn't even PRETEND to do so. They did so, based on nothing but their own biases and prejudices. There needs to be some way to stop such “rogue judges” from interfering with the president's ability to protect this country--which he HAS the power to do—and they do NOT have the power to stop. The judiciary can't just rule on things the way they'd LIKE for them to be, but how they ARE. They are supposed to rule according to constitutional guidelines,and statutes. They are not allowed to MAKE law, even though some have done so, because nobody did anything to stop them. It's time somebody did, and I think Trump is just the man to do so. There needs to be established a group—call them a committee, a board, or a commission, I don't care what they call them, that can oversee such rulings, and if they do not go according to the Constitution and/or the statutes as passed by congress and signed by the president, they can be reversed, and if a particular judge keeps making such rulings, remove him from the bench. (Just common sense)

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