Friday, April 14, 2017

Democrats Never Learn

Facts bounce off them like water bounces off a duck's back. Reducing the tax burden on Americans RAISES revenue by causing more productivity. When taxes are high, it DEPRESSES productivity, and thus also tax revenue. Reagan lowered the tax base drastically, and tax revenue INCREASED 55%! Democrats whine that there were many other causes, thereby DENYING that Reagan's tax rate cut had anything to do with it But, as usual, they're WRONG. I'm no economist, but even I can see where that works, and the people who PRETEND to be smarter than the rest of us should ALSO be able to see that—but they don't. They just can't (or won't) understand how LOWERING taxes can create a revenue INCREASE. But facts are facts. EVERY time we have reduced taxes, revenue has gone up. Every time! But Democrats, and other liberals, will NEVER admit that. All they want is a higher percentage of what WE earn, even if that does REDUCE the total intake of money. (Just common sense)

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