Tuesday, April 11, 2017

LA Times Whining

They're crying “crocodile tears” over the loss of the “mainstream media” and the “alternative media” using the “same set of facts.” Of course, what they're really whining about is that, with the rise of the “alternative media,” they've lost their MONOPOLY on “the facts.” They can no longer be the only source of “the facts,” so they can no longer “mold opinion” to suit themselves. No longer do they get to DICTATE what “facts” we hear. In their lament, they ASSUME that the alternative media only deals in “fake news,: when it is the “mainstream media” (which should better be called the LIBERAL media) that is the one that deals in “fake news,” and that is provable. They cannot prove the “alternative media” does it, no matter how much they try. So they just SAY it, hoping people will believe it, since it has been repeated so many times. They can't get their monopoly back, because the American people are waking up to their lies. (Just common sense)

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