Wednesday, April 12, 2017

They Were SO Sure

Democrats predicted a landslide victory for a Democrat candidate in Kansas special election, saying it would be a repudiation of Trump. But the Republican won by 6 percentage points. So what is the big story in the liberal media today? Sean Spicer's “Hitler” faux pas. The contretemps on a United Airlines flight where a passenger was “roughed up” and dragged off an airplane so some employees could take his seat. Not only that, they aren't saying much about the fact that, uh, Putin decided not to snub our Secretary of state while he's in Russia to take them to task for supporting that mass murdering war criminal in Syria. Neither are they talking about the Washington Post finding there WAS a FISA warrant that allowed them to surveil a Trump volunteer during his candidacy, which opened the door to spying on Trump. That's how they avoid covering stories they don't like. The Kansas election was a repeat of their ignorance in the presidential election, where as late as 9 PM on election night they were still celebrating a Hillary “landslide victory” that was not to be. (The Hill)

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