Monday, April 24, 2017

Just Like I Predicted

A woman has accused Sean Hannity of sexual harassment—without anything like proof to back it up, of course, but her unsupported word). Even if it were true, it sounds like just a guy trying to make a date. It's way too easy for a woman to DEFINE such as sexual harassment these days. Hannity immediately branded it as false, calling her a “serial harasser” who would do anything to get noticed. And it is true this woman has made many such accusations in the past. She recanted within two hours. I expect this to be only the first of many false reports on Hannity. I look for other women to “pile on,” as they usually do when somebody accuses somebody of sexual harassment. That's all part of the scam. None have any proof, but they accuse, anyway, hoping the celebrity will pay them off. Of course, the liberal media jumped right on it. (Daily Wire)

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