Tuesday, February 28, 2017

They Say "No Evidence"

The Democrats say there is ”no evidence” (there's their favorite phrase, again!) of massive voter fraud, but we keep finding evidence that they IGNORE so they can continue to make that claim. One such case is in Ohio, where they found 821 non-citizens registered to vote, and 121 or them were known to have voted in at least one recent election. This is “evidence.” It makes liars out of those who say there is NO evidence of voter fraud. Yes, it's only a few. But if it is happening here, it is happening elsewhere and just hasn't been found, yet. And how many millions of illegal votes were counted that way? Democrats insist there is “no evidence,” but they don't even LOOK for evidence—and most of the illegal votes go to Democrats. Does that tell you anything? (Daily Caller)

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