Saturday, February 25, 2017

"The Progressive Wing"

The Democrats do everything they can to keep from calling it what it is. They call it “The Progressive Wing” of the Democrat Party. But it is ANYTHING but “progressive.” It is “SOCIALIST.” That was made evident by the fact that one of the strongest presidential candidates in the last election was Bernie Sanders, an ADMITTED socialist. Running against an UN-admitted socialist whose every idea is socialist. Socialism is a FAILED SYSTEM that depends on the THEFT of money and production from those capable and willing to produce for their own support, and GIVING that stolen, UNEARNED, to those NOT capable OR willing to earn for themselves. It produces NO new wealth, and therefore is doomed to failure after they've run out of “other people's money.” It has become even more evident by the fact that Keith Ellison, a Muslim, is a leading candidate to lead them for the next four years. This is not a comment on his religion, but on his MINDSET, as a Muslim. (Just common sense)

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