Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Special Kind of Stupid

I've lost count of the number of cities (including my own) that have declared themselves "sanctuary cities" where illegal aliens are treated as if they are invisible--except where giving them "entitlements" is concerned. The top politicians in these cities KNOW they're "playing with fire" to do so, but there are more declaring themselves so every day. They KNOW Trump isn't going to take their violation of federal law lightly. First of all, he is going to stop giving them the money the feds have been paying them (which is in the MILLIONS of dollars every year) and he may even file criminal charges against anybody in those cities (including their mayors and other politicians and bureaucrats who are OBLIGATED to enforce the law) who refuse to do so. Some could even end up in prison, Why do they insist on making trouble for themselves? Do they really think it will be to their benefit? That takes a special kind of stupid! (Just common sense)

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