Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blaming the Victim

The State of Washington is looking at making a law to punish people who fail to safely secure guns when they store them, when that gun is used carelessly by an adult or a child. which is basically "blaming the victim," which is something liberal Democrats do so well. There must be something in the air in that part of the country that creates anti-gun fools. The governor of Oregon, which is right next door, is also an anti-gun fool. Yes, guns should be stored safely so that children can't get their hands on them and carelessly shoot someone. Adults, too. The NRA teaches a course on that, but anti-gun fools HATE the NRA and all its works. So they will never recommend anything they have anything to do with. And their idea of "safe gun storage" basically only makes it impossible for legal gun owners to get their guns in action fast enough to be able to defend themselves against an ILLEGAL gun owner who is attacking them. (My Northwest)

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